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Cellogica is a skin cream that comprehensively repairs and restores the skin. In this Cellogica review, we'll learn what cellogica is, how it works, its ingredients, and other important aspects about the product.

A Brief Intro to Cellogica

Cellogica basically comprises two products: day cream, and night cream. Both the creams, in their respective capacities and times of the day, dramatically decrease the skin's aging symptoms, which includes wrinkles and crow's feet.

• Day Cream

The day cream safeguards and enhances the skin's appearance. The cream is typically a non-greasy and light formula that should be put on a clean and make-up free skin. The product helps hydrate the skin and protects it from the harsh elements of the environment and free radicals. Moreover, it comprises Rona-Flair, which is basically a filler that assists with light diffusion, helping make the skin's aging lines disappear. Quite a few stars reportedly use this cream, which explains why they look so radiant and glowing whenever they arrive on the red carpet. If you've been longing to have that same look, you know the secret now.

• Night Cream

This cream pretty much performs the same function as the day cream, but does it during the night or when the body is in a state of rest. Why do we require a separate cream for night? It's because our body and skin are most capable of repairing, reconditioning, and recreating at night. This cream has some extremely powerful ingredients that can do its work for multiple hours together. To learn more check out some of our cellogica reviews. At night, there is no sun exposure or any other external element disturbing the skin. This is why the night cream is so important. The cream also comprises anti-aging compounds, which help with the skin's repair and restoration.

Stem Cell Technology

For healthy skin cells to regenerate, stem cells are vital. Unfortunately, the skin's stem cells are not abundant in quantity. Moreover, the ones active are not biologically designed to last long. Also, the number of stem cells decreases with age. As a result, aging accelerates or becomes more pronounced.

Aging also means the skin renewing process is slowing down and the important anti-aging barriers are not being created in sufficient amounts. A skin without its necessary safety traits tends to get harmed significantly when subjected to harsh environmental aspects, such as cold and UV rays. This also results in the skin becoming drier.

The stem cell technology found in Cellogica is dependent on rare species of Swiss apples called malus domestica and rhododendron ferrugineum, which is nothing but alpine rose. When brought together, these strong stem cell extracts facilitate the regeneration of new skin stem cells, and inhibit loss of existing skin stem cells. The extract shields and remodels the skin, thereby fighting or significantly postponing the apparent effects of aging.

Let's get to know these ingredients in a bit more detail.

• Malus Domestica

Malus domestica helps increase the longevity of the skin. The thing can age without any shriveling. Cellogica is the technology incorporated to cultivate the species. The natural extract contains specific epigenetic attributes that help maintain the self-renewal potential of the skin, helping with preserving the vitality of the stem cells. The constituent ensures the stem cells do not dismantle. This means the cells can make new tissue and ensure the skin doesn't exhibit aging signs.

• Rhododendron Ferrugineum

Also called alpine rose, this natural substance exists and flourishes itself in extreme environmental scenarios or high latitude regions. PhytoCellTec technology has been used here as well to extract the goodness of alpine rose and infuse it in Cellogica. The extract consists of epigenetic traits and metabolites that help increase the vitality of the epidermal stem cells. Moreover, the extract preserves the stem cells' function, and ensures the cells do not get stressed out by the environment. Rhododendron ferrugineum, in Cellogica, helps bring down the signs of aging.

Usage Tips

For the best results, use the day cream when there's no makeup or any other product residue on your skin. Always clean cellogica with a mild but potent cleanser before applying the cream. You need not apply a toner and/or moisturizer post the cleansing. The same usage direction applies to the night cream. Also, make sure you put the night cream right before you go to sleep, and not when there's still an hour or two left before you hit the bed.